Mancke Headjoints

Mancke headjoints are played around the world by renowned soloists, professors, orchestral players and conservatory students.  Started by Christoph Mancke in 1986, Mancke produces superior handmade headjoints available in a wide variety of models and materials. In 1988, Christoph was joined by son Tobias who is one of the world’s top headjoint makers, creating a wide variety of professional headjoints that demonstrate exquisite and detailed craftsmanship. Through an innovative exploration of materials, Mancke has developed a series of unique combinations, fusing different metals and woods to create the perfect expressive headjoint for every flute and piccolo player. Mancke flute headjoints are infinitely customizable and varied, allowing the flutist to choose a combination of nearly any material desired. Mancke piccolo headjoints have revolutionized the piccolo world and are designed to fit nearly every brand of piccolo body with the Mancke Interchangeable Adaptor System. Each MANCKE headjoint is a work of fine art, with unparalleled responsiveness, flexibility, resonance and projection.