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President and CEO Robert Johnson founded Flute Specialists, Inc. A skilled flutist and visual artist studying painting, sculpture, printmaking, and metalsmithing, Robert was selected to work with Muramatsu USA, where he served as a chief technician. While working for Muramatsu, Robert trained in flute repair at the Shinjuku factory in Japan.

After ten years, Robert Johnson noted a great national need for dedicated, skilled, and trained technicians. He further realized that many flutists would like to buy their flute from a company that could also repair and maintains the instrument for them in the years to come. It was out of this idea to have an all-in-one flute specialty company that Flute Specialists, Inc. was born.

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Almost 30 years later, Flute Specialists is one of the leading flute companies in the nation. Our team of professionals includes performers, teachers, technicians, and students who all have a unique insight into the needs of flutists. At Flute Specialists, we’re here to help you every step along the way. From purchasing an instrument to maintenance and repairs to lessons and purchasing accessories and sheet music, we have everything you need to pursue your passion.

FREE trials for instrument purchases and FREE repair consultations, Flute Specialists can provide the personalized service you need and deserve. Whether you’re a full-time symphony member, a student, or an adult amateur, we can help you find the instrument that best suits your needs. We will still be here for you to help you keep that instrument in excellent working condition for every performance, big or small.

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