Mancke Mopane Straight Cut Piccolo Headoint with 14K Riser

Mopane elicits a strong, yet sweet, sound. Similar to Grenadilla in depth, feel and clear articulation response, it is very resonant and powerful. Mopane imparts a darker quality in the upper register that emerges from the smooth, rich lower registers.


This exotic wood is from Southern Africa. Its appearance is dark reddish-brown, with black stripes, and tends to darken with age.

The Straight model is a traditional piccolo headjoint cut. The edge of the embouchure hole is flush with diameter of the headjoint. The range of tone colors and depth of sound are limitless to the seasoned piccolo player with a flexible embouchure. Articulation feels secure, consistent and responsive.

MANCKE piccolo headjoints come with the patented MANCKE Interchangeable Adaptor System. All MANCKE headjoints share a consistency of superb workmanship. MANCKE headjoints are designed to project to the fullest extent and at every dynamic with a wide range of color potential and depth of sound. Each model exemplifies the signature qualities of the MANCKE experience – unparalleled responsiveness, control, flexibility, and resonance.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in