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  • Flute March Madness 2023 – Sonata Edition

    We’ve brought back #FluteMarchMadness this time as Concerto Edition! Fill out your bracket and tag us. We will post polls in our stories every week to find our winning concerto! Comment below with your favorite concerto
  • Melodies for Two by Laura Larson

    Music for Oboe, Violin or Flute, and Organ or Piano Volume One: Composers of Scandinavia Edited by Marilyn Biery and Stephanie Shapiro With Elizabeth Sobieski (violin) and Laura Larson (flute) These pieces represent Scandinavian composers from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In some cases, they are household names (Grieg, Sibelius, Nielsen), others are as…
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2022

    Gift Ideas Under $25 Gifts Under $50 Gifts Under $100 Gifts to Splurge For Or... A NEW Instrument!
  • Flute Specialists’ Favorite Things 2022

    1. K&K Silver Bullet Microphone System 2. Woodwind FIXIT Tool3. The Glissando Headjoint4. The Glissando Flute by Melissa Keeling 1. Burkart Elite Piccolo2. Practice Note by Gina Luciani 3. Handcrafted Wooden C Flute Stand4. Beaumont Large Microfiber Cloth 1. Roi Flute Master Cleaner Flute Swab2. Roi Flute Backpack3. Image for Solo Flute, Eugene Bozza4. Technical Flexibility for…
  • Four Simple Steps To Revamp Your Practice Sessions

    Any of the following ring a bell?  “I’m feeling bored with what I’m currently practicing.”  “I’m practicing regularly but I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.” “I don’t even know what to practice anymore.” If you resonate with any one of these nagging thoughts, don’t worry! As we evolve as musicians, so do our…
  • Patricia George’s Laundry Routine
    for The Flute Scale Book by George & Louke

    As described in FluteSpresso Episode 24 with Patricia George on November 6, 2022 Goal: 25- to 60-minutes Begin practice with a few exercises from Chapter 3 for embouchure development and flexibility. Ask: What does my playing need and practice that.(Ideas: articulation such as T, Key, Hah; slurring patterns (see page 141-144); vibrato; dynamics; and articulation…