Mancke Grenadilla Wood Flute Headjoint with Silver Tenon

MANCKE standard size wooden headjoints fit Powell and Yamaha wood flutes and pair well with most metal flutes. MANCKE wooden headjoints offer the beautifully warm and intimate sound of wooden flutes with the projection, response and control characteristic of all MANCKE headjoints. Response and resistance are finely balanced to make a wide range of dynamics possible, allowing for flexibility and reliable response. MANCKE selects and ages the woods used for headjoints very carefully to ensure uniformity, reliability, and durability.


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Grenadilla wood feels consistent, incredibly stable, and very present. The Grenadilla wood vibrates beautifully, eliciting the characteristic warmth of the wood sound, along with a chime-like clarity of articulation. Grenadilla is a very durable wood and lends itself to a stable playing experience, making it one of the most common woods used on traditional wood flutes.

Grenadilla is native to dry areas of Africa. Its appearance is dark brown/black color and tends to darken with age.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in