• Amadeus Piccolo AP-86T

    An impeccable pairing of uncompromising craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, the new Amadeus AP-86 grenadilla wood piccolo is distinctively Haynes. The responsive headjoint plays with ease, while the body and silver plated mechanism provides accurate intonation, balanced registers, and a liquid altissimo. The split-e mechanism is standard, and the choice of a Traditional or Wave style headjoint allows the player to choose the style which captures their imagination.

  • Burkart Elite Piccolo

    Every Burkart Elite piccolo is made of vintage African grenadilla wood, finished with a sterling silver mechanism and a choice of headjoint.

    This signature Burkart instrument is coupled with a split-E mechanism, ergonomically placed finger buttons, exclusive options including the High G# facilitator, on/off split E switch, pointed key arms, and three headjoint choices for the musician. The tone hole design gives a dark, aged quality to the sound of the instrument.

  • Burkart Professional Piccolo

    All Burkart Professional piccolos are made of aged African grenadilla wood, finished with a sterling silver mechanism. The tone hole shaping and venting is designed for ease of play.
    Professional piccolos are available starting at $4,450

  • Di Zhao Handmade Piccolo (DZP HM)

    Di Zhao handmade grenadilla wood piccolo with silver mechanism. Optional upgrade to Rosewood.

  • Di Zhao Piccolo DZP-101

    Di Zhao DZP-101 ABS plastic piccolo

  • Trevor James Blaze Piccolo

    The Trevor James Blaze piccolos are a rare blend of quality, design and affordability. They have a rich and singing voice, while the ergonomic mechanism design provides security throughout even the most difficult technical passages. Trevor James Blaze piccolos are crafted to bring out your very best! Grenadilla wood piccolo with modified wave headjoint and silver-plated keys. Split E, French- style case, case cover, and cleaning rod.

    • Grenadilla wood body and headjoint
    • Modified wave style headjoint
    • Pisoni pads
    • Wood cleaning rod
    • Professional French-style case and case cover included
    • Professionally set-up by Flute AuthoritySM
    • in Coralville, IA.
    Sale! $2,395.00 $1,495.00
  • Zentner Piccolo #4615

    This used Zentner piccolo #4615 has a grenadilla wood headjoint and body with solid silver keys and split E. Price: $2,495.00

    Call For Pricing
  • Di Zhao Piccolo DZP 301

    This Di Zhao piccolo has a rosewood headjoint and body with silver-plated keys and split-E mechanism.

  • Lyric Piccolo

    The Lyric Piccolo has a grenadilla wood headjoint and body with silver-plated keys and split-E mechanism.

  • New Voice Piccolo in C

    The New Voice Piccolo Flute is a wonderful choice for musicians looking to enhance tonal quality, lower instrument weight, and connect more to their music through increased musical feedback. Imagine not only being able to hear what you’re playing but feel it also through the pleasing natural vibration this material offers. The additional heightened perception allows musicians to be more connected to their music in ways they did not know was possible, primarily because this connection is not possible with traditional metal flutes. While the material used in the production of the New Voice line is not as dense as the material used in the professional models, the New Voice line still offers some of the same great features. The New Voice line will excite and astonish even the most critical player.

  • Philipp Hammig Piccolo Model 650/3

    Aged Grenadilla wood, silver-plated keys, offset G, high G# mechanism, split-E mechanism, Straubinger pads, Hammig scale. Choice of Hammig Cut, Modified Wave, or Modified Wave Thin headjoint.

  • Philipp Hammig Piccolo Grenadilla Wood Headjoint

    Philipp Hammig Piccolo grenadilla wood headjoint. Choose Hammig cut, modified wave, or modified wave thin.


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