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Burkart Resona Piccolo Headjoint

The Resona piccolo embodies the same vibrancy and clarity of tone synonymous with Burkart piccolos. Resona Piccolos are made of...

$585.00 – $685.00

Burkart Legacy Piccolo

A handmade piccolo with sleek and modern, silver-plated keywork and aged African grenadilla wood. Legacy piccolos have split E mechanism,...


Pearl 165 Model

In 2010 the PFP-165 was launched featuring a natural Granadilla wood headjoint, and high quality synthetic pads gaining Pearl the...


Pearl 105 Piccolo

The remarkable Pearl Piccolo PFP-105 was the culmination of years of exploration and research into the creation of a truly...


Trevor James Mopane Piccolo

**Through June 30, get $100 instant rebate for this instrument!** Price shown reflects this rebate The Trevor James Mopane piccolo...


Gemeinhardt Piccolo 4PMH Combo

The Gemeinhardt 4PMH plastic piccolo offers a silver plated headjoint on a composite body to provide a player with the...


Amadeus Piccolo AP-86

An impeccable pairing of uncompromising craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, the new Amadeus AP-86 grenadilla wood piccolo is distinctively Haynes....


Burkart Elite Piccolo

Every Burkart Elite piccolo is made of vintage African grenadilla wood, finished with a sterling silver mechanism and a choice...


Burkart Professional Piccolo

All Burkart Professional piccolos are made of aged African grenadilla wood, finished with a sterling silver mechanism and split E....


Trevor James Blaze Piccolo

The Trevor James Blaze piccolo is designed for ease of playing with a full, warm sound. The wave style headjoint...


Di Zhao Piccolo DZP 301

This Di Zhao piccolo has a rosewood headjoint and body with silver-plated keys and split-E mechanism.


Guo New Voice Piccolo in C

The New Voice Piccolo Flute is a wonderful choice for musicians looking to enhance tonal quality, lower instrument weight, and...


Philipp Hammig Piccolo Model 650/3

Aged Grenadilla wood, silver-plated keys, offset G, high G# mechanism, split-E mechanism, Straubinger pads, Hammig scale. Choice of Hammig Cut,...


Jupiter Piccolo JPC1000

The silver-plated head of the Jupiter JPC1000 piccolo offers greater brilliance and projection. This hybrid piccolo feels at home in...


Jupiter Piccolo JPC1010

The Jupiter JPC1010 features a heavy resin body and head that mimic the sound and feel of a real wood...


Jupiter Piccolo JPC700

One of the most popular student piccolos in the world. This Jupiter piccolo is durable and plays with a great...


Shining Piper Fife

The Shining Piper is the best instrument for children or beginners in the market today. Although its design is sure...


Roy Seaman Storm Piccolo

The Roy Seaman Storm piccolo is built from a synthetic material that has a wood piccolo sound. Have the advantages...


Roy Seaman LTD Piccolo

The Roy Seaman Limited piccolo features a custom contoured headjoint that conveys a beautiful and uncommonly warm tone. The Seaman...

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