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Accessories can mean cleaning supplies, stands, helping teaching and performance tools and even fun gifts and jewelry. You can search by category on the side to browse or type in the search bar if you know what you’re looking for. Flute Specialists stocks the accessories we think you’ll need and use in your every day flute playing.

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  • Teaching & Performance Tools (90)
  • DVDs and CDs (68)
  • Care and Cleaning Supplies (51)
  • LefreQue (44)
  • Cases (30)
  • Instrument Stands (29)
  • Miscellaneous (28)
  • Gig Bags (21)
  • Finger Assists (17)
  • Jewelry (14)
  • Stand Lights (14)
  • Tuners & Metronomes (13)
  • Music Stands (10)


  • Altieri Bags (12)
  • Aria Stand Lights (7)
  • Bernhard Hammig (5)
  • Flute Finery (2)
  • Flute Lab (3)
  • Fluterscooter (8)
  • Guo Flutes (1)
  • Mighty Bright (7)
  • Muramatsu Flutes (1)
  • Protec (7)

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Roi Piccolo Flower Stand

This piccolo/flute stand is made of 100% silicon that is scratch resistant and non-toxic. This instrument stand is very stable...


Wish (CD)

This CD recorded by Alexa Still contains the music of Valerie Coleman with the spoken words of Maya Angelou. Valerie...


Protec Insulated Case Cover

Add the convenience of a gig bag to your hard-shell case! Take your protection and storage to another level with...


Flute Cushion

The Flute Cushion helps provide a stable hand position while avoiding common injuries. Useful for cushioning the left hand and...


Roi Flute Master Cleaner II

This newly redesigned swab allows you to remove moisture from the inside of your instrument. The microfiber material at the...


Valentino Flute Helix Wand

Completely dry out your flute’s bore in one quick pass with Valentino’s newest swab, the Helix Wand. This Helix wand...


My Breathing Buddy

Breath in the palm of your hand! An educational, anatomically correct moveable lung/diaphragm ribcage simulator from Amy Porter’s Anatomy of...


Diversions (CD)

Diversions is Rose Bishop’s debut album of solo flute repertoire that she either commissioned during the beginning of the Covid-19...