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With our great collection of new flutes, piccolos, low flutes and headjoints many may forget we have a great collection of used instruments and close outs for those looking for special values. All of our used flutes, piccolos and headjoints are serviced, repaired and include our warranty on adjustments, included for free with purchase.

Used flutes and used piccolos at Flute Specialists are never sold “as is”. Purchases of used flutes, used piccolos and other instruments receive our detailed servicing, playtest, and our warranty on adjustments. Inventory changes frequently so contact us quickly if an item is of interest. Consignment sales are welcomed.

Need help finding what you’re looking for? If you have any questions, would like to discuss selections, or need any other assistance please contact us. Special orders are always welcome.



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Used Categories
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Tom Green Flute #202-2-6

This used Tom Green flute #202-2-6 has a silver headjoint, body and keys. It is closed hole with drawn tone...


Powell Handmade Flute #1975

This used Powell handmade flute #1975 is from 1959 with a sterling silver headjoint, body and keys. It is open...


Straubinger Flute #305

This used Straubinger flute #305 has a sterling silver headjoint with 14k riser, sterling silver headjoint and body.  It is...


David Williams Flute #120

This used David Williams flute #120 has a 14K white gold headjoint with 14K gold lip plate and platinum Adler...


Lopatin SquareONE Flute #16

This used Lopatin SquareONE flute #16 has a sterling silver headjoint, body and keys with stainless steel lip plate. This...


Arista Flute #27A

This used Arista flute #27A has a 14K gold body and headjoint with sterling silver keys and rings. It is...


Global Piccolo #10466

This used Global piccolo #10466 has a grenadilla wave embouchure headjoint and body. It has silver plated keys with split...


Dean Yang Topaz Flute #3209

This used Dean Yang Topaz flute #3209 has a silver plated body with hand cut sterling silver headjoint. It is...


Drelinger Headjoint #1407F

This used Drelinger headjoint #1407F is a sterling silver Max model with platinum air reed and engraved lip plate.


Zentner Piccolo #1290

This used Zentner piccolo #1290 has a grenadilla wood headjoint and body and comes with an additional silver headjoint.


Burkart Pro Flute #10197

This used Burkart Pro flute #10197 has a 9K/AG headjoint and body with siler keys. It is standard wall with...


Muramatsu EX Flute #81454

This used Muramatsu EX flute #81454 has a silver plated body and keys with a silver, Tsubasa style headjoint. It...


Muramatsu GX Flute #30010

This used Muramatsu GX flute #30010 has a silver headjoint and body with silver plated keys. It is open hole...


Jack Moore Flute #409

This used Jack Moore flute #409 has a 9K gold body with 14k gold headjoint plus sterling silver soldered tone...


Burkart Professional Piccolo #8129

Like New Condition! This used Burkart professional model piccolo #8129 is grenadilla wood with sterling silver keys. It comes with...

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