Flute Specialist Forms

Instrument Trial Request Form

Finding the right instrument that matches your playing style and needs can be a daunting choice. We strive to make the process easier by offering a one-week trial on flutes and piccolos, and head joints to musicians.  Want personal assistance? Give us a call today.

Consignment Form

Do you have a flute or piccolo that you want to sell?  We can help! Our consignment program is a great way to sell your instrument at the right price. It allows for greater visibility to a broader flutist audience.  Go to the form and fill it out so we can discuss your options.

Insurance Appraisal Form

Need an appraisal of your instrument for insurance purposes? Flute Specialists has a new appraisal service you can use right from your browser. Head over to the form and fill out the details—$ 25 for up to two instruments with a 5-day turnaround.

Job Application Form

Want to be a member of the Flute Specialists Team? Fill out and submit our Job Application Form.

Make a Payment Online with Credit Cards or Paypal

Need to pay an invoice online? This form accepts payment via Credit Cards or Paypal.