Mancke Grenadilla Medium Wave Piccolo Headjoint

MANCKE piccolo headjoints come with the patented MANCKE Interchangeable Adaptor System. All MANCKE headjoints share a consistency of superb workmanship. MANCKE headjoints are designed to project to the fullest extent and at every dynamic with a wide range of color potential and depth of sound. Each model exemplifies the signature qualities of the MANCKE experience – unparalleled responsiveness, control, flexibility, and resonance.



Grenadilla wood feels consistent, incredibly stable, and very present. The Grenadilla wood vibrates beautifully, creating a chime-like feel with its articulation clarity. Grenadilla is a very durable wood and lends itself to a stable playing experience. This is the traditional wood that most of us are familiar with in a piccolo.

Grenadilla is native to dry areas of Africa. Its appearance is dark brown/black color and tends to darken with age.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in