Nagahara Flutes

The Nagahara Flutes, headjoints and Minis are the instruments of choice for many flutists who enjoy the versatility, precision and artistry attained through these handcrafted instruments. All Nagahara Flutes are handmade in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, using a combination of the Traditional Boston craftsmanship technique and Japanese ingenuity. Each and every Nagahara flute features soldered toneholes, French-style pointed arms, the patented Nagahara Thumb Key, the Nagahara Pinless Mechanism and a custom, hand-cut headjoint. All headjoints are exclusively made by founder and owner of  Nagahara Flutes, Kanichi Nagahara. Nagahara offers three distinct flute models: the Standard , Full Concert, and Galway models. Additionally, we offer the Kanichi Nagahara (K.N.) exclusive flute made by the master craftsman himself, featuring the flute model of your choice & all gold material options (gold tube, toneholes & mechanism). Contact us if you’re interested in trying one of these handcrafted flutes.

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