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Professional Handmade Flutes

Flute Specialists Inc. has one of the nation’s largest flute, piccolo, and headjoint inventories to fit every musician’s needs. Each instrument receives our pre-purchase service to ensure performance-ready playability.


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  • Burkart Elite Flute

    The Burkart Elite flute is a handmade custom flute with soldered tone holes and features Burkart’s™ micro-Link™ pinless mechanism. Every flute option and customization is available in the Elite flute.

  • Burkart Professional Flute

    The Burkart Professional model is handmade with the same custom built keys found on the Elite model.

    This flute features Burkart’s Micro-link™ fully-pinless Mechanism with drawn tone holes. The drawn tone holes are extruded from the material of the body tube. The Professional flute is only available in B Foot and A=442.

  • Di Zhao Handmade Piccolo (DZP HM)

    Di Zhao handmade grenadilla wood piccolo with silver mechanism. Optional upgrade to Rosewood.

  • Haynes Platinum Flute

    This Haynes platinum flute has 14K gold keys, tone holes, rings, ribs and posts. Price upon request.

    Not For Sale
  • Bertrem Bb Flute #9

    Sterling silver headjoint and body, silver-plated keys, closed hole, offset G, low Bb foot. Gold riser price on request.

  • Bertrem Eb Flute #3

    Sterling silver headjoint body with silver-plated keys, closed hole, offset G, C foot

  • Bertrem Eb Flute #2

    Sterling silver headjoint with silver-plated body and keys, closed hole, offset G, C foot

  • Di Zhao D-Series Silver (DZ D-S)

    This handmade Di Zhao D-Series Silver Flute has a sterling silver headjoint, body, and mechanism with drawn tone holes. It is open hole with B foot. Choose inline or offset G.

  • Di Zhao D-Series Silver (DZ D-SP)

    Open hole. B-foot. Offset G or Inline G. All silver body, barrel, footjoint box, ribs and post. Silver-plated mechanism. 10k White Gold Spring. Drawn tone-hole. Silver pro-line headjoint.

  • Di Zhao S-Series Gold 14K (DZ Gold)

    This Di Zhao handmade flute has a 14K gold headjoint and body with silver mechanism, soldered tone holes, inline or offset G, B foot


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Showing 1–12 of 99 results