Haynes Flutes

The William S. Haynes Company has been crafting some of the most globally revered and respected flutes and piccolos for over 120 years. Every Haynes flute is handcrafted to the customers exacting specifications. Flutists across the world enjoy the rich, full, colorful and even-scaled timbre over the full dynamic range for which Haynes flutes are known. Although many flutists are drawn to the unique tone with beauty of sound at its core, the Haynes flute allows for current trends to be a part of the tonal range. Wm. S. Haynes Co. offers a wide range of customizations for flutists of all levels, utilizing the modern Haynes scale of A=442 that has been highly praised by the world’s leading flutists. All Haynes flutes are handmade with the finest precious metals available with a choice of tubing thickness.