Flute Lab Swan Headjoint

The Swan Neck Headjoint is a flute headjoint that has a bend of approximately 40 degrees. It is handmade from sterling silver, with a handcut embouchure. This headjoint turns the strenuous position for playing the flute into a relaxed one. With the Swan Neck Headjoint, you will feel much less stress on your right shoulder, your neck and your left shoulder. Flutelab Swan Neck headjoint comes with a case, thumb rest, and instructions for use.


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The Swan Neck flute headjoint is handmade in 925/000 silver. The crown has a stunning malachite stone inlaid. The bore taper is unique for this type of headjoint and deals with the acoustical compensation for the curvature effects.

The result  is a precise and reliable intonation. Most important of all, the handcut embouchure hole delivers a lush, warm sound delivering easy coloring and generous dynamics.

Weight 2.5 lbs