Sankyo Flutes

Founded by skilled craftsmen who had the simple desire to create uncompromising quality flutes.

It is their commitment to detail that makes a Sankyo Flute so special. Their flutes, made with the technique, passion, and pride of the craftsmen, promote such an overpowering presence that they hesitate to call it a mere “musical instrument”.

Even the most minute parts are beautifully crafted by hand and represent the Japanesse culture of perfection. The secret behind this craftsmanship is that nothing is neglected in the maufacturing process. Each flute begins with developing the unique composition of their metals and materials and ends with hand-polishing.

Sankyo headjoints are designed in several styles. The price of each flute includes the headjoint style of the player’s choice.

RT: A modified version of the original Sankyo wave-style lip plate design, the RT style is characterized by a full, dark, strong tone with impressive clarity and secure response. The RT style provides the freedom to achieve a very solid, powerful sound with an endless capacity for the airstream.

ST: Featuring a rich variety of tone colors, the ST styles is warm and expressive. The depth of sound is exceptional, allowing for spin ad projection with smooth fluidity.

FT: This style is known for its alanced resonance, providing consistency between the registers. The FT style is responsive and reliable with crisp and clean articulation.