Nagahara 18K Gold Headjoint

10K gold tube with sterling silver lip plate and riser. All Nagahara metal headjoints feature the Galway Locking Crown- light base edition. Comes with a 14k gold top and silver bases with 14k gold rings. All Nagahara headjoints are handmade exclusively by Kanichi Nagahara.


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Metal Headjoint Cuts

Three original embouchure cuts were first created (D, A, and S) which later led to the making of two very popular combination cuts (DA & DS).

Diligente (D) – Most resistant cut with tallest riser wall height; produces a dark and centered core tone. Great response in lower register notes; requires more air support for long or pianissimo phrases.

Ardore  (A) – Bright, open sound & free-blowing feel. Embodies the American Flute sound with much vibrancy and strength in the sound; widest cut  we offer with lowest riser wall height.

Spianato  (S) – Traditional, more conservative cut for smaller ensemble playing. A bit more oval in shape; made to portray a soft and sweet sounding voice.

DA –  A cross between the “D” and “A” cut.  Even flexibility & resistance throughout all registers. The most popular cut selection among flutists of all levels offering a great mixture and balance of warmth, vibrancy, color change, and clear articulation.

DS –  A cross between the “D” and “S” cut. Medium resistance with a more delicate and sweet sound. Great for chamber ensemble playing.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in