• Philipp Hammig Piccolo Model 651/4

    Cocus wood, sterling silver keys, offset G, high G# mechanism, split-E mechanism, Straubinger pads, Hammig scale.

  • Shining Piper Fife

    The Shining Piper is the best instrument for children or beginners in the market today. Although its design is sure to dazzle the eye and excite any child, it is a serious instrument and a great learning tool. Choose from a variety of colors. Call for available colors.

  • Philipp Hammig Piccolo Model 650/4

    Handmade piccolo, grenadilla wood, solid sterling silver mechanism, offset G, high G# mechanism, split-E mechanism, Straubinger pads, Hammig scale. Choice of Hammig Cut, Modified Wave, or Modified Wave Thin headjoint.

  • Philipp Hammig Piccolo Model 650/2

    Aged Grenadilla wood, silver-plated keys, offset G, split-E mechanism, Straubinger pads, Hammig scale. Choice of Hammig Cut, Modified Wave, or Modified Wave Thin headjoint.

  • Olds Piccolo NPC 115

    The player looking for durability, playability and the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor use will have all of the above and more with the NPC115. Its high impact ABS plastic body protects you from the elements, while its silver plated key mechanism provides ease of play and great response. The silver-plated headjoint with lip plate makes the transition from flute to piccolo more comfortable. Minimal maintenance required.

  • M.S.A. Piccolo

    This grenadilla wood piccolo has a solid silver mechanism with white gold springs.

  • Jupiter Piccolo JPC1100E

    This Jupiter piccolo has a Grenadilla wood headjoint and body, silver-plated keys.

  • Hammig Piccolo Cocus Headjoint

    Handmade cocus wood headjoint. Choose Hammig Cut, Modified Wave or Modified Wave Thin.

  • Grenaditte Piccolo in C

    The Grenaditte Piccolo is the perfect piccolo flute for the professional musician looking to improve tonal quality while simultaneously reducing instrument weight and enhancing feedback in a way not possible with traditional metal flutes. The material used in the Grenaditte line was engineered and developed by Geoffrey Guo and only available from Guo Musical Instrument Company. Simply put, Grenaditte is an advanced composite material that is very dense but extremely light weight. The tone from a Grenaditte flute can be described as 30% wood, 30% metal, and 40% Guo. The Grenaditte line truly has a sound of its own. This is Grenaditte. This is the FUTURE.

  • Gemeinhardt Stinger Piccolo

    The Gemeinhardt BLK Series Stinger piccolo has a special black nickel-coated head, body and keys. It has a similar conical bore to that of the Gemeinhardt 4SP piccolo, and is supplied in a C4-M case. The tone and response created from the special black nickel-coating of the Stinger piccolo definitely gives it a new enriched sound.

  • Gemeinhardt Piccolo KG LTD

    Named for founder Kurt Gemeinhardt, the KG Limited wood piccolo provides a beautiful sound through the best of manufacturing practices that meet and surpass the demands of teachers and players. The Gemeinhardt scale and custom-contoured headjoint provide a rich, even sound that plays easily in tune within ensembles or provides outstanding tone for solo work. Includes a split E mechanism for alternate fingerings and fluency in the upper register. Add an additional solid silver headjoint in C4GL2-Ltd wood case with C4GLC2-Ltd leather cover at an additional cost.

  • Gemeinhardt Piccolo 4WSSKP

    The Gemeinhardt 4WSSK piccolo offers solid silver keys. Its attractive to every player looking for a piccolo choice for a lifetime of performance. This grenadilla wood piccolo will provide a tone quality and mechanical smoothness that will become a favorite instrument of advancing musicians.


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