Burkart Elite Piccolo

Every Burkart Elite piccolo is made of vintage African grenadilla wood, finished with a sterling silver mechanism and a choice of headjoint.

This signature Burkart instrument is coupled with a split-E mechanism, ergonomically placed finger buttons, exclusive options including the High G# facilitator, on/off split E switch, pointed key arms, and three headjoint choices for the musician. The tone hole design gives a dark, aged quality to the sound of the instrument.


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(14K tenon & End Ring, Silver Keys)

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Burkart Piccolo Scale:

The piccolo scale was revised in 2007 after six months of acoustical experimentation and prototype modeling by Lillian Burkart. Our piccolo scale continues to deliver the full, flute-like sound for which it is heralded. Players will enjoy how easily they can produce the high register and will appreciate the improvements to resonance and articulation in the low register.



Historically, the choice wood for woodwinds has been, and remains, African grenadilla. Grenadilla wood alone exhibits the needed qualities of acoustical warmth, hardness, density, and, with proper management, stability. The world’s finest grenadilla is selected for the Burkart piccolo. Our aging process is unmatched and includes selection, curing, turning, drilling, and, most importantly, time.

Split-E Mechanism:

Every Burkart Deluxe and Custom model piccolo includes the sleek Split-E mechanism to provide effortless production of the high  E.  When the right-hand 2nd finger E key is closed, a small bridge reaches over to also close the lower G key.  This reduction in the venting of the G keys makes the high E easy to produces even at pianissimo. This feature engages automatically.  The pitch and tone color are identical to every other note in this range. The Split-E is a tremendous advantage for this frequently played note on the piccolo



Burkart Elite piccolos are padded with Straubinger piccolo pads to complement the Burkart piccolo scale. These pads add resonance and response to the extreme low and high registers of the piccolo. Cork pads are seated in the trill cups. Burkart’s materials and padding processes support reliable performance in all climates.



All keywork, ribs and posts are made of solid sterling silver (14K gold available by special order). The rods inside of the mechanism, pivot screws, and rib screws are made of stainless steel, minimizing flex and assuring many lifetimes of corrosion-free wear and low maintenance. The close tolerances and tapered bearing system of this instrument, as well as the exacting fit of the sterling silver keys, ensure stability and longevity.

Ergonomic Key Work:

A slightly offset G finger button, raised and offset right hand finger buttons and redesigned G# key reduce strain in both hands that can accompany prolonged piccolo playing. The heights of levers and the placement of touch pieces, coupled with the delicate balance of the spring tension, provide comfort and technical facility for players with either large or small hands.

Elite Deluxe Model with Multi-Trill Key



This mechanism allows for an effortless, one-finger G3 to A3 trill as well as many functions of the C# trill key.


G# Facilitator:


Another Burkart innovation, the high G# facilitator eliminates the need to use two right-hand fingers to assist in the production of a high G#. Unlike prior European facilitators, this design does not inhibit the production of high C—it is activated automatically when the player fingers G#. The split key Burkart design is a unique and important benefit to the piccolo player with no loss of high C production.

Vented C Key:


This auxiliary venting offers the player enhanced tonal flexibility, dynamic control, and multiple possibilities for alternate fingerings, most notably high F#.

14K Gold Mechanism:


A beautiful look for any piccolo, especially when paired with our gold headjoint.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in