Sankyo Flutes

Sankyo flutes are globally acclaimed for their beauty of tone and evenness of technique. Founded by Kikuo Hisakura, Hideo Takei and Taichi Oki in 1968, the Sankyo trademark symbolizes the Japanese word “Hibiki”, which translates to "sound", emphasizing the sound as the essence of music. The word “Sankyo” in Japanese means “The Three Sounds” reflecting the triangle formed by its three founders and the intangible connections between craftsman–musician–audience. Each Sankyo flute is made from carefully selected materials and is created by skilled and dedicated craftsmen. In addition to the captivating sound and design, flutists around the world are drawn to the perfection and security of the mechanism of the instrument. Sankyo meets the demands of flute players of all levels through continued innovation.  The pride of Sankyo flutes is that special connection between flute and flutist.