Frequently Asked Questions

We are available Monday through Friday from 11:00-6:30. To best fit your needs, we are available by appointment before or after hours. If you wish to visit on Saturday, our typical hours are 12-3, but we recommend calling to make sure we are in the office.

Generally, no appointment is needed. However, in some instances, with select instruments or headjoints, scheduling may be required. As we tend to travel to many flute events around the country exhibiting our large inventory of fine instruments, it is often a good idea to give us a call before you visit and make sure that we are in town. You may also want to call first if you are hoping to see a specific instrument so we can confirm that it is in our inventory and not out on trial with another flutist. We would love to make sure we have everything you're looking for ready and available to you so that you have a spectacular visit to our store.

Lessons can be scheduled directly through Flute Specialists, Inc. and our teachers for in store lessons. Our nationally-known performing artist teachers are also available for live lessons online.

No appointments are necessary to receive one of our FREE repair consultations! We recommend calling in advance to make sure someone on our repair staff is available when you arrive. If you're coming from a far distance, it may be best to give us a call first just to be sure that we're not traveling to one of the many flute events where we exhibit and give repair lectures.

Absolutely! We ship instruments every day. If you can't bring your flute to us, just ship it! We will call you once we have received it at our store and provide you with the repair consultation over the phone.

We understand that to some people may feel uneasy about shipping their flute or piccolo. We are here to help! Here's a quick guide for how to ship your instrument:

Make sure that your instrument is insured for while it's being shipped. Many players use instrument insurance agencies like Andersen or Clarion and others have their instruments insured through their homeowners insurance. Before mailing your flute, just double check that your instrument(s) are covered at their full replacement value for while they are en route. Need a new appraisal letter? Contact us, we can help!

Acquire a shipping box. Make sure that it will fit your flute with an extra 2-4 inches all around for packing materials. Need a box? Contact us, we can help

Pack your instrument(s) so that the box is filled and there is at least 2-4 inches of padding around the instruments. You can use packing kernels, bubble wrap, balled up newspaper, etc.

Before you seal up the box, add a note with your name, contact information (address, phone number, and email), make, model and serial number of your flute, when you would like to have your flute bak and any specific concerns you have about the instrument (sticky keys, specific mechanism problems, pad issues, etc.)

Ship to our office address at:

606 S. Rochester Rd.
Clawson, MI 48017-2125

We receive shipments from all shipping companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.). We recommend sending with signature required. You can choose to add delivery confirmation. It is up to you to decide if you want to add extra insurance through the shipping company.

Yes, we do ship internationally! Contact us to find out which countries are eligible. The recipient will assume responsibility for all duties, taxes, fees, etc.

Unlike many other service and repair companies, we believe that all repairs are elective. This means that you, as the owner and player of the instrument, can select the level of service that you want based on what you think the instrument needs and how you want it to perform. This can allow you to save money on your repair by choosing what you would and would not like to have serviced with your instrument. At Flute Specialists, the standard annual maintenance COA (clean, oil, and adjust) is not always the same cost. You can elect to have your instrument polished and disinfected or not. You can replace the headjoint cork or decide not to replace it yet if you aren't noticing any issues. You can choose to replace some of the pads and not others. It's YOUR instrument and YOUR budget so YOU should be in control of how your instrument is serviced and how much money you'd like to spend.

Yes, we do offer FREE consultations on all repairs! Consignments are always welcome. If you visit our store, we will inspect the instrument during your visit and give you a quote. We can also provide consultations over the phone and provide estimates. Still, we cannot confirm exact repair costs without visually inspecting the instrument. Sometimes while servicing an instrument, additional repair costs may arise. If this happens, we will call you first before any further work is performed. We don't want you to have any surprises when you get your instrument back from servicing!

Yes! Flute Specialists offers a warranty on adjustments for all repairs and purchases. This is typically a 45-day warranty on adjustments and a 6-month on overhauls.

We service all modern production flutes, piccolos and headjoints along with many antique instruments as well. Not sure about your instrument? Give us a call!

At Flute Specialists, Inc. we believe if it isn't broke, don't fix it! Sometimes something just seems off about your flute. Bring it in and we can look it over to see if it just needs some adjustments. The flute industry recommends annual maintenance, often called a COA (clean, oil and adjust).

Of course, the answer to this question can vary based on the time of year and the amount of work that your instrument needs. Some minor adjustments can even be made on the spot. A standard servicing without appointment typically takes about two weeks, and overhauls (much more extensive work including fully re-padding the instrument) typically takes about four weeks. Expedited services potentially can be available upon request.

Our expert team of flutists includes experienced performers, teachers, and repair technicians. We are here to help you find the instrument that best suits your performance needs and also your budget. All consultations for purchases are FREE. We will help you in person or over the phone to choose a few instruments that will best fit your needs. You can then have a FREE 7-day trial to test this instrument(s) in your own home or studio or play it for your teacher and friends to get other opinions. Buying an instrument is an important decision, so we want you to have time to make sure you're delighted with the choice you've made.

Fill out our online trial form here, and we will contact you. It's just that easy!

In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, each purchase comes with our Flute Specialists warranty on adjustments. Our warranty is typically a six-month warranty for used instruments and 12 months for new.

Many old instruments have sentimental value. So you may decide you want to keep your old flute to use as a backup, for travel or as a marching instrument. We may be able to help you by selling your instrument on consignment or taking your flute as a trade-in. Contact us for more information.

All instruments are worthy of consideration for consignment sale. Selling your instrument through Flute Specialists has many advantages over selling it on your own. All instruments go through our standard pre-sale servicing and this is part of the package at no cost to you the seller (unless you request the instrument is returned to you before it is sold). This means that if you have an instrument that you're concerned isn't in good shape to sell, you don't have to worry about fixing it up on your own. Just fill out the consignment form, send the instrument to us and we will do the rest! After servicing, we will begin to show your instrument to the thousands of flutists we are in contact with across the country both in our store and at the many events we attend throughout the year. It will also appear on our website and there's a possibility it could be highlighted on our social media accounts as well. When considering the pre-sale servicing, the Flute Specialists warranty on purchases and the national reach provided by a nationally known repair and sales company, why sell your instrument in any other way!

The Flute Specialists Flute Choirs have no audition requirements and are free! There are two levels: intermediate and advanced. We recommend the intermediate flute choir is for players who are new to playing the flute and have played for around 3 years or less. Advanced choir is for those players with more than three years of experience. Not sure which one is for you? Just show up and try it out!

There is no cost to join the Flute Specialists Flute Choirs! This is a free ensemble with no obligation. Come to rehearsals when you can and join the fun!