• An Interview with Hannah Hammel

    How long have you been Principal Flute with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra? I joined the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in January 2020, so have only been living in Detroit for a couple of months, but I love it here! The preliminary and semi-final rounds of the audition took place in April of 2019 and the final…
  • An Interview with Melissa Keeling

    Heather Neuenschwander interviews Melissa Keeling about her book “The Glissando Flute: A Handbook for Composers and Performers”, the Glissando Headjoint and current events.
  • Don’t Forget the Piccolo! An Interview with Jeffery Zook

    Over the relaxing Memorial Day holiday weekend, I had the joy of speaking with Detroit Symphony Orchestra Flutist and Piccoloist Jeffery Zook
  • An Interview with Robert Dick

    We recently had an opportunity to ask world renowned flutist, performer and composer Robert Dick about his upcoming Contemporary Flute Week. With so many summer masterclasses, workshops, camps and musical opportunities to experience, find out what makes this event stand out from the others. For more information, visit FS: What is the focus of the week?…
  • Perceptive Flutist, Master Teacher

    The student stands at the front of the room, playing a Bach sonata. The teacher stands several yards away, eyes closed, listening intently. “You’re holding your ribs,” the teacher says. “Try allowing your ribs to release beforeyou start the note.” The student thinks for a moment and tries again. The sound she makes isinstantly bigger,…
  • Interview with Jeff Zook- July 2017

    by Heather Neuenschwander  On a perfect 75 degree late summer morning in Michigan, I recently had the honor of sitting down with the talented and charming Jeffery Zook, flutist and piccoloist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra since 1992. I looked out upon the beautiful, perfectly manicured garden in the backyard of his home The Cambridge…