15 Must-Have Accessories for the Summer ?

Summer for musicians is usually filled with outdoor performances, piccolo solos, and lots of gigs, so we have compiled a list of 15 must-have accessories that are sure to make those events a little easier!

Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians

The Practice Note by Gina Luciani is the perfect companion for your summer practice sessions. With this notebook, flutists can easily see plans, set goals, and track every part of their practice routine, including how they felt about it! The vibrant colors and encouraging quotes make this a must-have for the modern musician!


There’s nothing worse than playing an outdoor gig, getting ready for that big flute spotlight moment, and BOOM! A huge gust of wind prevents you from even making a sound! The Win-D-Fender allows flutists to play outside in even the windiest of environments with no problem, and it even comes with a gorgeous velvet back that can attach to your flute case or bag.


Not happy with your sound, but just don’t have the money to upgrade headjoints or instruments? A LefreQue sound bridge may be the perfect solution for you! Coming in a variety of different sizes and metals, LefreQues can make a huge difference in tone quality, responsiveness, dynamics, and vibrance. The best part? They attach right to your current instrument with a knotted band and can be taken off easily!

Woodwind Fixit Tool

This little guy is an absolute must-have for every flutist, and it truly does pay for itself after just one use! This multitool is double-sided with a spring hook on one end and a small screwdriver on the other. No more trips to the repair shop for loose screws or popped springs. This multitool comes in black, blue, red, and purple, and it also comes in a large size to accommodate alto and bass flutes!

K&K Silver Bullet Microphone System

The K&K Silver Bullet Microphone System is a small, yet extremely powerful condenser microphone. With an incredible sound and frequency range, especially on wind instruments like the flute, it is a must-have accessory for any performing flutist at a surprisingly affordable price point!

Celestine Rexonator

Uncork your flute with the Celestine Flute Rexonator! A regular cork has 15 times more contact area than the CFR, which causes the sound to be absorbed and suppressed. The adjustable counterweight affects the weight and balance of the flute while improving articulation, response, resonance, and projection. No more cracked notes! In addition, the CFR is brass, so there will be no more need to replace your cork!

Sempre Tarnish Savers

Tarnish can cause your flute to lose that sparkle and look shabby. Sempre Tarnish Savers protect your instrument by not allowing the tarnish to accumulate! These innovative handmade anti-tarnish strips feature a treated cotton side, which should last at least 6 months!

Fluterscooter Matte Black Bag

This gorgeous bag is your flute’s “Little Black Dress!” From rehearsals to gigs to performances, this bag’s sleek, classic look will fit in anywhere. Made with vegan leather, this versatile bag has removable, adjustable shoulder straps, allowing the flutist to carry it by hand, over the shoulder, or even wear it like a cross-body!

Sempre Flute Swab

Whether you are a student, a professional, or an amateur, a good flute swab is essential to maintaining your instrument. The gorgeous color palette and patterns in the Sempre flute swab series make them as breathtaking as they are efficient! The high-quality cotton allows these swabs to effortlessly clean the interior of the instrument. The Sempre flute swab comes in two design series, so whether you are looking for bold and modern or sleek and clean, you can find it!

Wiseman Traditional Flute Case

Did you know that your flute can be damaged INSIDE the case? If your case doesn’t house your flute properly, there is a big chance you will end up on your way to the repair shop! The Wiseman traditional flute case can house a B-foot or C-foot flute, and it comes with several different exterior and interior options! We are partial to the Vegan Black Leather with a dark blue interior!

Roi Flute Master Cleaner Flute Swab

The newly redesigned swab makes cleaning your flute easier than ever before! The microfiber material at the end of the silicone rod will perfectly remove all moisture from the inside of both the headjoint and the body of the flute. The best part? The microfiber is washable! No more dirty rags inside your flute case!

Beaumont Large Microfiber Cloth

Keeping your flute sparkly has never been easier or more stylish! Coming in a variety of patterns and colors, the Beaumont Microfiber Polishing Cloths are soft and smooth, making them ideal for delicate surfaces like silver and gold. They are also machine washable and are available in small and large sizes.

Altieri Flute/Piccolo/Laptop Backpack

Off to rehearsal, but don’t have enough room in your bag for everything you need? Look no further than the Altieri Combo Backpack! This classic backpack can hold multiple instrument cases, folders, accessories, and books. It is easy to carry with padded handles and a 4-layer quilted liner, which protects your instrument from damage, cold, heat, and moisture. It is also large enough to easily hold a tall orchestra folder, and it even has a laptop sleeve!

Valentino Flute Helix Wand

This sleek, stylish wand is an effective way to absorb and remove moisture from the inside of your flute. The colorful material sits atop a plastic rod, ensuring no part of your instrument gets damaged during cleaning! Our favorite feature? The top of the swab is designed to clean the cork plate, too! Grab it in a variety of colors.

Roi Flute Crossbody Bag

This waterproof bag is designed to be worn across the body, making it a great choice for students headed to outdoor rehearsals! It holds a B-foot or C-foot flute case and has pockets for accessories. It comes in four fun colors, and its fabric is perfect to protect your instrument from high outdoor temperatures and unexpected rain!