The lefreQue is a sound bridge that will make all wind instruments sound better. It consists of a bridge that is built up by two metal elements that will repair the sound breaches that occur in by different parts of a wind instrument. You can put the lefreQue on an instrument using a especially developed elastic band, you do not need to change anything on the instrument itself.

Saxophone- and flute player Hans Kuijt at first invented the lefreQue for the saxophone being unsatisfied with the sound quality of even the very best instruments. He concluded that all connections between the different parts of a wind instrument had a negative influence on the sound quality and tuning of the tone.

Finding that the invention worked perfectly on all types of saxophone Hans decided to put the lefreQue on his flutes. On a flute you slide the pieces into each other, thereby effecting a sound breach, which will be corrected by using the lefreQue.