Resona by Burkart Flutes

For more than 30 years, Burkart has been a trusted name in flutes and piccolos. As their reputation grew, teachers asked for a lower-priced instrument that would still meet their very high quality standards. Lillian Burkart and Jim Phelan started a quest in 2003 to provide a silver-plated instrument using Burkart’s renowned piccolo scale. They wanted to give something back to the musicians who helped their company become a success.

The Resona flute is the teacher and student favorite choice for the advancing flutist. It’s easy to understand when the Resona flute sounds amazing, costs as little as $3,400, and has better features and reliability than many flutes which start at $4,000 or higher.

12 years later, Lillian Burkart and Jim Phelan are proud to offer these great instruments at an exceptional value to rising students, amateurs, educators and professionals . Their goal of giving something back to the flute community by increasing the standards and expectations for flutes and piccolos at this level has been achieved.

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