North Bridge Flutes

The team at North Bridge Winds has over 100 years combined experience in the world of musical instruments, and shares a true passion for both instrument making and music making.

All musical instruments contain critical components that tremendously enhance its sound quality and playability. In the case of the flute, the headjoint accounts for the majority of the acoustical value. North Bridge carefully designs and hand crafts these critical components in the USA, and then hand pairs them with the remaining components that are made all over the world, from Europe to Asia.

All North Bridge flutes feature a sterling silver headjoint that is handmade in the USA, by flute artisan Chris McKenna. For over 30 years, Chris McKenna has been crafting some of the finest flute headjoints available. The art of hand cutting a flute headjoint requires tremendous skill, taking many years to develop. The McKenna headjoint is designed and crafted to be both responsive and flexible offering superb projection and control, making it easier to hit high notes and perform at softer volumes.

C foot models available for special orders.

“With a headjoint that comes with personality, clarity and ease, these step up flutes are a cut above the crowd.”

– Paul Edmund-Davies, former principal of the London Symphony

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