Sonata for flute and piano by Paul Hindemith

The Sonata for flute and piano was written in Berlin in December 1936 for a concert in the United States. The first performance took place on April 10th, 1937 in the Library of Congress in Washington, played by Georges Barrere and Jesus Maria Sanroma. When Hindemith met both soloists for the first time a few days before that, he wrote eagerly to his wife that “Barrere claims jokingly to be the best in the world – but he really is the best! The pianist Sanroma is a first-class player, too… The two of them form a wonderful duet, making the piece more beautiful than its original scoring.”


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The opening theme of this flute sonata was quoted by the group Kraftwerk in their 1983 album Tour de France. The artists were personally acquainted with Hindemith’s pupil Oskar Sala, who had been present at the first private performance of the flute sonata in Hindemith’s apartment in Berlin.

This Sonata for flute and piano appeared in volume V,3 of the complete Hindemith edition in 2014. The introduction there includes further information on the background and critical remarks to this composition.

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