Prelude and Intrada for flute quartet or ensemble by Howard J. Buss

Prelude and Intrada for flute quartet (or ensemble) by Howard Buss was composed during the Fall of 2006. The Prelude is an interesting combination of fanfare and lyrical sections, as well as tonal and polytonal harmonies. The festive Intrada is in an ABA-Code format and features crisp, energetic rhythms and lyrical contrapuntal writing. This work makes a memorable concert piece as well as a stirring work to use in a church setting. Multiple players may be used on the individual parts to create a larger ensemble. The two movements may also be performed independently depending on time constraints. The overall duration is @5:25, the Prelude is @:2:05 and the Intrada is @3:20.


Weight 0.188 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .3 in