Mountain Songs (for Flute Choir) by Higdon

Composed by Jennifer Higdon. “Mountain Songs” is a depiction of the mountains and the life of its inhabitants. After a lively introduction, somewhat in the character of a jug band, there are four movements: “Lazy LaidBack Afternoon by the Pond”, reminiscent of slow summer days spent fishing down at the pond; “Mountain Spirituals”, revealing the lively interchange in mountain churches where no hymnal exists, but a caller first sings the phrase which is then taken up by the congregation; “Lament for a Dead Child”, mourning the loss of a childa more common occurrence back up in the mountains where no help may be available; and, “Mountain Air”, which depicts the crystal clearness and biting edge of the breezes that blow through the mountains.


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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in