Philipp Hammig Piccolos

Piccolos are available in three models. The 650/2 and 650/3 models have a mechanism constructed of nickel silver heavily coated with pure silver. The mechanism of the 650/4 is made of solid sterling silver. All models come standard with the Split E mechanism and French style pointed tonearms attaching the trill, G# and D# keys. Additionally, all models with the exception of the 650/2 model feature a high G# mechanism, enhancing the production of this note.

Scale: The Hammig Scale provides an ideal balance between intonation and ease of response throughout all registers. Piccolos are offered at our standard pitch of A=442. Other tunings are available by special order.

Pads: Philipp Hammig piccolos come standard with Straubinger pads that can be adjusted precisely and will hold their adjustments – a choice preferred by most players.

Accessories: All piccolos include a velvet lined leather case, fleece lined nylon case cover, cleaning rod and cork grease.