McKenna Headjoints

At McKenna Flutes, Inc. every instrument is considered to be a work of art. Mr. McKenna puts something of himself into each instrument, while keeping in mind that the instrument is for the player.

During the process of creating an instrument, each detail is considered—and special attention is given to the requirements and needs of the individual customer. It is their belief that working with clear intent enhances the overall fit of the player to the instrument.

McKenna Flutes, Inc. was founded in 1994. McKenna Flutes was formed to bring forth a new voice, to explore the hidden mysteries of the flute, to allow each player to “sing” in their best voice—to enhance each flutists’ musical journey. This has led to work in both the traditional groundings of the flute, that is to say, the old school, and the innovative, experimental, and openly offbeat.