A Four Day Flute Escape: Beach-style By Melissa Grey

A Four Day Flute Escape: Beach-style

By Melissa Grey

How many times have you shared your career as a musician and heard, “I used to play the flute in high school!” or, “My grandchild plays the flute,” or my favorite, “So what is your real job?” As a musician, a genuine concern that I had was becoming someone who would also set aside the flute, turning my back on the music that touched my heart throughout my life.

Yet, I found, growth opportunities for adult musicians of all levels, were few.

Have you noticed there are many flutists, graduating professionals as well as amateurs, with a desire to continue growing in their adult years? Have you noticed newly minted professional musicians unable to find jobs right away who simply don’t know how to sustain their career, inevitably changing careers? Have you observed musicians, of all levels, seeking performance opportunities in community orchestras and bands, while others take a few sporadic lessons? Have you met musicians who were once at their pinnacle return to the flute later with a heavy heart? Have you observed musicians searching for their own space? I have. Do you see a little bit of yourself? I do.

After careful thought, I approached my dear friend, Susan Whitener with an idea to create an empowering program for adults. A program that gives each person the opportunity to gain valuable information that can be applied to their personal goals expanding their community network. A reciprocal program to encourage advancement without competition and freedom to ask questions, be heard, and learn necessary skills together in a group setting. There, in 2013, the Interactive Session was born.

What are empowering ways to grow as a whole musician? For the Interactive Flute Retreat, created in 2015, it is inspiring artists to find their musical voice and remove personal walls by providing an all-inclusive event encouraging artists to let go and experience more. More nourishment through mouth-watering meals, more comfort via a beautiful place to rest your head and listen to the sounds of the waves, more movement through interactive classes and physical activities including private yoga on the beach. Experience profound growth in an intimate environment. Get to know some of the most innovative, thought-provoking, musicians of our time- this year, PROJECT Trio- on a day to day basis. Have the freedom to ask questions, learn their routines, their thought processes, their own personal experiences and even habits and apply it to your own career. Experience more through collaboration with like-minded musicians who vow to let go of the competition, even for four days, and encourage one another while enjoying performance opportunities throughout the event. Share your experiences and empower others with your musical life. The Interactive Flute Retreat is a place for your voice to be heard.

This year, PROJECT Trio will encourage you to seek opportunities in the music world, cultivate your personal brand, business, ensembles, community involvement and more. Get a taste of what it’s like to let go and incorporate new approaches to your style via an amazing private performance opportunity like no other. Through their vast performance experiences, PROJECT Trio will provide tools to improve intonation, technique and help you feel comfortable in your skin through personal practice, rehearsals, performances and even recording.

Addressing music spanning all periods, they will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and become the musician you truly want to be, whether it is in an orchestra, jazz-club or solo.

You, are invited to celebrate the musician’s soul, enjoy engaging interaction during classes, collaborate with like-minded musicians, and practice new techniques provided throughout the four-day event.

Interactive Flute Retreat August 16-19, 2019, South Haven, MI

Celebrating five years in South Haven, we can attest we would not be able to continue growing without our wonderful supporters and attendees. There is something amazing in the South Haven waters. Pipeline co-editor, Julie Marcotte, wrote “I leave the weekend feeling refreshed, inspired, and with a dozen new insights to share with my students. When else are we able to leave all of our responsibilities behind and immerse ourselves in our music, with the beach as our backdrop?”

Featuring PROJECT Trio!

We are ecstatic to spend four days with PROJECT Trio this year. Why? PROJECT Trio has made a career of celebrating music, and bringing music to a vast majority of people. They have encouraged musicians of all ages to explore music while pushing past the boundaries of their instruments. They merge musical styles, including jazz, while honoring their classical roots. For those looking for opportunities to grow, to expand expressionism through music, to find your voice while networking with others like you, and even find ways to cultivate a sustaining music career, then this summer, the Interactive Flute Retreat is definitely for you. This busy ensemble is taking four days to spend time with you. Join us for this unique opportunity.

Youth Day August 16, 2019

While the retreat is for adult musicians, 18 and older, we like to overlap a Youth Day on Day One of the four-day all-inclusive event. This year, youth attendees, 17 and younger get to work with me, and Roots Yoga, followed by an afternoon with PROJECT Trio during the first day of the retreat! Youth Day will take place August 16, 2019 starting at 8:30 a.m. and conclude after PROJECT Trio’s 7:00 p.m. concert. Invite your students to attend!

FREE CONCERT August 16, 2019 pm

Did we mention the FREE concert? Yes! PROJECT Trio will be performing a FREE concert Friday, August 16, 7:00 p.m. at Stanley Johnston Park in South Haven, MI.

Interactive Flute Retreat August 16-19, 2019
Youth Day August 16, 2019
FREE Outdoor Concert August 16, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Stanley Johnston Park

You’re Invited! Looking forward to seeing you there this summer!

The Interactive Flute Retreat is now under Seven Pillars, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Seven Pillars’ aim is to empower the artistic soul through interactive events that provide engaging experiences, encourage cross-cultural collaborations, and invite artistic and personal growth.In fact, look for increasing opportunities through 2020 at www.Seven-Pillars.org. Let’s celebrate each other and seek opportunities to grow.

Melissa-Kay Grey is an avid performer and teacher in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas. For more about Melissa or the Interactive Flute Retreat visit https://www.greyflute.com or https://interactivefluteretreat.com/