Artist Profile- In Sterio

March 2014 

Having been said to “blow listeners’ minds” and “bring the house down”, Erica Peel and Shivhan Dohse are the two flutists behind In Sterio.  Cited as having performances nothing short of “awe inspiring” and “spellbinding”, the girls have been described as “two Rhonda Larsons meet Greg Patillo”… and they have just released their much anticipated sophomore effort, a CD/DVD combo titled “Awake”.

The album, composed mostly by In Sterio member Erica Peel, features completely original material inspired by the works of abstract artist, Jerry Peel.  From the Cameroon-inspired title track, “Awake”, to the new age-hard rock-impressionistic sounds of “Purple Tide At Dawn”, the album seamlessly navigates through rock, latin, funk, jazz, trance, world and classical styles to create a fresh and moving soundscape.  It also gives rise to completely new genres, like the light-astral-funk sounds of “Blue Crinkled Moon” and the industrial-dubstep-disco sounds of “Synchroneity”.  The album is a journey through which the listeners will find themselves forgetting that it’s two flute players who are rocking their world!

The included DVD highlights the art from which the album was inspired, and brings the music to another level with stunning video animations by Drew Morton.  This modern, high-energy, outside the box duo presents an innovative project that is the first of its kind.  Reviews have been rolling in, and this is what they have to say:

“Erica Peel and Shivhan Dohse both give masterful performances. Their playing is expressive, colorful and enchanting, and they make it sound effortless.” — Tammy Evans Yonce, The Flute View

“The album is terrific—unique, musical, interesting and flat-out enjoyable. It stretches the conventional uses of the instrument and provides lots of good listening. The writing and sense of orchestration are brilliant.” — Dennis Delucia, Yamaha Percussion Artist

“…the discipline of formal training never killed the imaginative spirit of the two. And in an era in which very plastic pop and vanity rules, In Sterio can own any chamber at ease; or provide just the high grade meditative experience you are looking for.” —

Both classically trained musicians and Miyazawa Artists, Erica Peel and Shivhan Dohse are acclaimed flutists with authentic talents and abilities reflective in the captivating sounds they create. They are fearless musicians, always pushing the limits in innovation. In Sterio is actively touring and have been repeat guest performers at the National Flute Association Convention and featured artists at the Florida Music Educators Association. They are also regular guest artists for flute associations and Universities across the country. Their performances fuse virtuosic playing with original and eclectic cross-cultural music for a powerful presentation of sound. At live shows, they’ve added synchronized visuals as a striking backdrop to the already compelling musical experience. Performing around 30 concerts a year, In Sterio continues to make their mark as one of the “leading and most intriguing chamber ensembles” in the country. In Sterio has published two of their works thus far (‘Frank’ and ‘Awake’ – both for two flutes and CD accompaniment), and plan to have the rest of their music available by the end of the year.

Believing that music education plays a vital role in our culture, In Sterio is tremendously passionate about the residencies they hold in communities throughout the US, particularly at the elementary level.  “Being given the opportunity to directly connect with and inspire 
the younger generations is always a highlight for us.  The eyes-wide-open and jaw-dropped looks when we play will never cease to give us a sense of purpose.  What we do means nothing if we can’t share it, and be a part of instrumental musics’ relevance and continuance.” 

At a recent residency in Ames, IA, a group of 1st-6th graders spent a period of class time listening to In Sterio’s album and creating artwork based on what they heard.  As they entered the school, Erica and Shivhan were greeted with the paintings hung across the walls.  This meant the kids were listening… they were feeling and reacting.  This is what In Sterio believes music is about.  Sharing.  Connecting.  Listening.  Finding strength and vulnerability within ourselves and others… allowing us to live our lives to the fullest.