Altus Flutes

For over 25 years, Altus has crafted flutes that embody the ideal marriage of vintage inspiration and modern technology. Created and handmade by Shuichi Tanaka, each Altus flute reflects his passion to produce the finest playing flutes available utilizing the finest of materials, handwork and artistry.

The meticulous design of the Altus flute and its uncompromised scale receive great attention. Based on the work and recommendations of British flutist William Bennett, the Altus/Bennet scale offers excellent intonation, carefully tuned harmonics and balanced registers.

Masterfully hand-sculpted headjoints, contemporary precision standards and unique tubings produce the remarkable sound of the Altus flute. Vintage color, pure tonal core, ease of manipulation, excellent intonation properties, response and projection – flutists worldwide recognize the inspired Altus sound.