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September Newsletter

Robert Dick Presents the Glissando Headjoint

NFA 2013 was a blast!  This year’s National Flute Association Convention was   held in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Great concerts. Fantastic master classes. Exquisite food.  Celebrity flutists. A fun time was had by all!  Check out our pictures on facebook.


A highlight of the convention was our product showcase.  Robert Dick presented his Glissando Headjoint along with Flute Specialists President Robert Johnson.  On Saturday August 10, a packed room heard all about the sound opportunities created for flutists and composers by this innovative headjoint.  The Glissando Headjoint telescopes and slides creating sounds more similar to that of the human voice.  Robert Dick demonstrated how the traditional flute can be transformed into an instrument free to express a full range of dynamics and colors while seamlessly sliding from note to note. Soon we will have the showcase presentation video available on our website.  In the meantime, check out our video of Robert Dick and Nina Perlove from NFA 2012.