The Aspiring Flutist’s Practice Companion by Terri Sanchez

Contents of The Aspiring Flutist’s Practice Companion include…
How to get started – How to make a practice plan – How to keep yourself inspired when you practice – Advice on flute fundamentals – Suggestions for improved focus and motivation – How to get better at taking lessons – How to prepare for performances – How to handle performance anxiety – How to take your flute playing to the next level – How to find more meaning in your musical studies – 100 Practice Games for all types of practice challenges – The Epic Warm-up – The Epic Warm-up 2.0 – Upside Down Roller Coaster Scales – Major/Minor Magic! – Crazy Cool Chromatics – Dangerously Daring Double & Triple-Tonguing


Dear Aspiring Flutist, The unique information, music, and messages contained in this book are comfortable, accessible, inspirational, and motivational. The author has carefully examined her own practice demons and is aware that many others experience the same feelings and frustrations. Where do I begin? There is so much! Long tones, scales, intonation, technique, articulation, vibrato – the list never ends! What shall I do? Stop. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, pick up your flute, and remember YOU are an aspiring flutist. This book was written for you! Every chapter was written with you in mind. You inspired this book and you will bring it to life. Examine it, experience it, grow with it. You will discover unknown abilities and your flute playing will reach new heights! Your music will tell a story, communicate beauty, enrich your spirit, and reward your soul. Sincerely, Claire Johnson Founder/Director of Floot Fire, Inc.
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