100 Classical Studies for Flute by Frans Vester

Vester’s famous collection of 100 classical studies is an ideal introduction to the stylistic aspects of music from the 17th – 20th c. Selected from the works of famous flautists such as Devienne, Böhm and Köhler, Vester’s compilation is quite unique and is standard repertoire.


Giuseppe Gariboldi: 12 Studies from “Etudes faciles et progressives”
Jean-Louis Tulou: 3 Studies from “Methode de flute”, Op. 100
Joachim Andersen: 5 Studies from “26 Kleine Ubungen”, Op. 37
Giuseppe Gariboldi: 6 Studies from “20 Petites Etudes”, Op. 132
Ernesto Kohler: 5 Studies from “15 leichte Etuden”, Op. 33
Jules Demersseman: 5 Studies from “50 Etudes melodiques, Op. 4
Giuseppe Gariboldi: 7 Studies from “Methode complete de Flute”, Op. 128
Anton Bernhard Furstenau: 6 Studies from “Flotenschule”, Op. 42
Benoit Tranquille Berbiguer: 10 Studies from Nouvelle Methode pour la Flute
Frederick the Great: 9 Studies from “4 Volumes Solfeggios”
Louis Drouet: 14 Studies from “Methode pour la Flute”
Antoine Hugot and Wunderlich, Johann Georg: 2 Studies from “Methode de Flute”
Giuseppe Gariboldi: 7 Studies from “15 Etudes modernes, elegantes et progressives”
Francois Devienne: 9 Studies from “Methode pour la Flute”

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