• Moyse, Marcel – De La Sonorite Art et Technique

    Marcel Moyse On Sonority Art and Technique for Flute

  • Moyse, Marcel – Daily Exercises for the Flute

    This volume contains an array of studies for flute including: *Chromatic exercises *Scales by tones *Chords on the augmented 5th & diminished 7th *Exercises of scales, 3rds, 4ths, etc. *Broken arpeggios *Octaves There are a few pages of preliminary notes printed in English, French, German, & Japanese.

  • Moyse, Marcel – 24 Little Melodic Studies

    24 Little melodic studies with variations (easy) for flute.

  • Monroe, Ervin – Special Fingerings for Advanced Flutists

    A complete book of sensitive and alternate fingerings, with full explanations and musical examples. This book also contains a full analysis of the flute structure and how the different tone holes and keys affect all the notes we play. Ervin Monroe includes many anecdotes from his forty years of orchestral playing. Excellent graphics, easy to read. This book is a must!

  • Mazzanti, Nicola – The Mazzanti

    Piccoloist Nicola Mazzanti is celebrated around the world as a foremost performer, teacher and guest clinician. Mazzanti’s lectures and workshops are known for his daily exercises for piccolo players, and this Mazzanti Method brings together his comprehensive collection of studies. The method is in three parts: I. Sound, II. Scales and Exercises and III. Melodies, Opera and Lieder.

  • Mary Karen Clardy Flute Etudes Book II

    48 Flute etudes in all keys, selected and introduced by Mary Karen Clardy. Selections in Volume II challenge both musical and technical development of the advanced flutist, with expansion of range, virtuosity, and the artistry necessary for mastery of the etudes.

  • Mary Karen Clardy Flute Etudes Book

    51 flute etudes in all keys. Selected and introduced by Mary Karen Clardy

  • Kohler, Ernesto – 30 Virtuoso Studies op. 75

    For flute in all major and minor keys. Revised by Robert Cavally.

  • Koehler, Ernesto – 35 Exercises for Flute Op. 33

    Book II Twelve Medium Difficult Exercises

  • Kincaid, William – The Art and Practice of Modern Flute Technique vol. 2

    Volume One of this series should have helped the student develop excellent practice habits and a certain degree of dexterity. Now, to stimulate continued progress, daily studies should be spiced with a liberal number of solos and additional study aids. A little music theory will enhance the hard labor of technique development.

  • Kincaid, William – The Art and Practice of Modern Flute Technique

    The first volume of this series of three, while applicable to any student, is directed chiefly to the beginner who has already mastered some of the rudiments of music and is able physically and mentally to devote the time and energy required to learn the techniques of the instrument itself.

  • Grands Exercices Journaliers de Mecanisme

    P. Taffanel et. Ph. Gaubert 17 Grands Exercices Journaliers de Mecanisme, 17 Big Daily Finger Exercises for the Flute


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