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Flute Solos

Flute Specialists Inc. has one of the nation’s largest flute, piccolo, and headjoint inventories to fit every musician’s needs. Each instrument receives our pre-purchase service to ensure performance-ready playability.


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  • Paganini, Niccolo – La Campanella for Flute and Piano arr. by Bouriakov

    Composed as the rondo finale of Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 2, La Campanella quickly took on a life of its own, being quoted by other composers in their own works even during the composer’s lifetime. The title refers to a small bell motif that recurs in the accompaniment, in dialog with the soloist. Bouriakov’s transcription for flute and piano exquisitely captures the original sparkle, levity, and intensity, in a manner that is gratifying to perform and to hear. The present transcription was included on the repertoire list for the 2019 Tchaikovsky Competition.

  • Pann, Carter – Double Espresso! for Flute and Piano

    Double Espresso! was written as a gift to flutist Christina Jennings in 2017. It is a 2-minute encore piece flung forward at break-neck speed. True to the work’s title, the flutist zips through a multitude of unwinding ribbons in a frenzied, caffeinated state while the piano sizzles and crackles underneath.

  • Pattillo, Greg – Three Beats for Beatbox Flute

    This piece was composed for the 2011 National Flute Association Convention High School Competition during the winter of 2010-11. It has been specifically written to bridge the gap between the traditional western flute style and the growing art form of Human Beatboxing. Videos of each movement (or Beat) have been produced and posted on youtube.com by the composer, and can be found on the youtube channel: youtube.com/ freedomworksfilms. This is a direct source for all sound, tone and technique questions, although the composer will happily answer any pertinent questions via email.

  • Potter, Chris – Stellar Solos for Alto Flute

    Stellar Solos contains 28 pieces selected and arranged by Chris Potter. Compositions include the theme from Ravel’s Bolero, Irish tune Cherish the Ladies, Arab Dance from The Nutcracker, two Renaissance pieces and Debussy’s Girl with the Golden Hair.

  • Potter, Christine – Alto Flute Solos

    Originally published in a different format, Potter’s Alto Flute Solos is here issued in a separate book for alto flute and piano accompaniment. This collection contains works at the easy and intermediate levels, and includes popular recital pieces such as Bizet’s Habanera from Carmen, the traditional Irish tune Danny Boy, and 18 others. The same contents are also available in Bass Flute Solos (FH0512).

  • Potter, Christine – Bass Flute Solos

    Originally published in a different format, Potter’s Bass Flute Solos is here issued in a separate book for bass flute and piano accompaniment. This collection contains works at the easy and intermediate levels, and includes popular recital pieces such as Carol of the Bells, the spiritual Let My People Go, and 18 others. The same contents are also available in Alto Flute Solos (FH0511).

  • Robison, Paula – A Touch of Blue (flute and piano)

    Paula Robison has selected and arranged highlights of Blues, Ragtime, Spirituals, and all three Gershwin preludes in this remarkable collection for flute and piano. George Gershwin described his own music as: “a sort of musical kaleidoscope of America, of our vast melting pot, of our unduplicated national pep, of our blues, our metropolitan madness.” A Touch of Blue celebrates this lively image.

  • Round Ireland with a Flute by Gareth McLearnon

    A charming collection of seven arrangements of traditional Irish tunes and medleys for flute and piano, expertly arranged by esteemed Irish flutist Gareth McLearnon. ‘Round Ireland with a Flute includes popular favorites like “Danny Boy,” “Down by the Salley Gardens,” and “Belfast Hornpipe.” With a variety of styles and tempos from which to choose, intermediate and advanced players will heartily enjoy this playable, yet impressive musical tour of Ireland for the flute.

  • Schocker, Gary – Sonata for a Lost Planet (Alto Flute and Piano)

    Written for Michael Bowyer and Melvin Lauf, Jr. of the Potomack Flutes quartet, Sonata for a Lost Planet is a welcome addition to the alto flute repertoire from one of the flute world’s most revered and prolific composers. For advanced players. Dur: 7’

  • Schumann, Robert – Fantasiestucke, arr. by Mark Sparks

    Originally for Clarinet and Piano, Robert Schumann’s deep yet delightful set of three Fantasiestücke, Op. 73 has long been a staple of the repertoire, with transcriptions occasionally seeping into other instruments’ libraries as well. The work has been elegantly adapted (into a new key) for Flute and Piano by Mark Sparks, principal flutist of the Saint Louis Symphony.

  • Strauss, Franz – Nocturno for Flute and Piano (Mark Sparks Edition)

    Franz Joseph Strauss (1822-1905), is best known today as the father of the great German composer Richard Strauss. He achieved fame in his own lifetime as a French horn soloist, but he was also a skilled composer, having written 2 concertos for horn, and a number of smaller works, of which the lovely Nocturno, op. 7 is the most familiar to today’s French hornists.

    This adaptation by Mark Sparks of the Nocturno for flute and piano in the key of E major makes a delightful addition to this flutist’s recital repertoire. The Nocturno displays Strauss’s preference for the Classical style, which is ideally suited to the flute’s natural and direct lyricism. An abiding Romantic spirit, imbued with warmth, clarity and balance will best bring forth the nature of this radiant work.


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Showing 49–60 of 130 results