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Flute Specialists Inc. has one of the nation’s largest flute, piccolo, and headjoint inventories to fit every musician’s needs. Each instrument receives our pre-purchase service to ensure performance-ready playability.


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  • Sparks, Mark – Orchestral Excerpt Practice Book Volume 1 “Eroica” Symphony

    The Orchestral Excerpt Practice Book Series is devoted to developing the flutist’s technique of excerpts preparation through the practice of brief studies directly related to the excerpt.

  • Sparks, Mark – Orchestral Excerpt Practice Book Volume 2 “William Tell”

    The Orchestral Excerpt Practice Book Series is devoted to developing the flutist’s technique of excerpts preparation through the practice of brief studies directly related to the excerpt.

  • Sparks, Mark – Orchestral Excerpts Practice Book Volume 3 Leonore Overture No. 3

    Everything you need to know about Leonore 3. This volume features extensive exercises specifically focused on all three audition passages from this most commonly requested, most challenging audition piece.

  • Spielman, Helen – A Flute in My Refrigerator

    Written from the heart, A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music illuminates one woman’s deeply personal experience as a musician. The stories, correspondence, and interviews abound with treasures uncovered when love and passion guide a life. The narrative is rich with the joy, struggle, and fullness of her journey as a music teacher, adult learner, performer, and seeker of growth through music.

    Author Helen Spielman did not seek a life in music, but found herself taking four teenagers on a flute trip to London, observing Sir James Galway record a CD at Abbey Roads Studios, and concertizing in a prison. Through her beautiful, touching, and sometimes hilarious tales, readers will discover deeper layers of humanity within themselves.

  • Assimakopoulos, Nina – The Virtuosic Flutist

    The Virtuosic Flutist: Brilliant Steps for the Next Step and Beyond is the first in a series of flute method books by internationally acclaimed flutist and pedagogue Nina Assimakopoulos. The series offers a concise and engaging approach to developing technique and musical artistry for all levels of flutists, from the beginner through the most advanced.

    Book One features pedagogical information and methods that develop important aspects of breathing and tone production with focus given to intonation, tone color, grounding, and vibrato. Preliminary exercises are followed by repertoire studies that contain excerpts from the most renowned lyrical passages in flute literature. These studies make use of a “triangle note” focal-point system unique to this series. Triangles placed under important structural pitches allow the flutist to explore focal points that are customized to the needs and goals of each performer.

    This method book is a must-have resource for flutists and teachers. It is sure to contribute to many hours of fun and inspiring practice!

  • Body Mapping for Flutists by Lea Pearson

    Flutists all over suffer from sore backs, neck aches, hand problems and inadequate breathing.

    Now there is a book that can help determine the causes of these problems and offer practical, easy-to-understand solutions.

    Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body contains information about the body that can help you prevent pain and injury and enhance performance.

    Ensuring that your map of your body is accurate and adequate is one of the most efficient and effective tools you have to improve and enhance your ability to play, perform, and teach an instrument.

    This handbook is designed to help you and your students discover that process.

    In Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body, you will learn:

    -Balance in standing and sitting
    -How to use arms to prevent injury
    -Free and supported breathing
    -Accurate anatomical information on how the body works
    -How to train the kinesthetic sense
    -The importance of movement for musicians
    -Practical exercises for students and teachers

  • Edmund-Davies, Paul – The 28 Day Warm Up Book

    For all flutists… eventually! This book covers four key areas of study: Sonority, Fingers, Articulation, and Intervals. It tackles these issues in a logical, musical, and interesting way, and can be used to ‘tone’ everything up or as part of a dedicated regime. Musicians who follow this four-week course from start to finish will notice a very positive improvement in their overall ability, agility, accuracy, security and control.

  • Advanced Flute Studies: The Art of Chunking

    Text by Phyllis Avidan Louke & Patricia George Book. Advanced Flute Studies: The Art of Chunking presents the first and only method for flutists to master the process of “chunking” as a pedagogical technique. Through exploration of technical studies, etudes, preludes, cadenzas, and solos, the flutist is introduced to basic through advanced chunking techniques to facilitate reading and tone development. Musical “Bon Bons” for articulation, intonation, and tone development are also integrated into the innovative curriculum. Continuing the pedagogical approach of Flute 101, Flute 102, and Flute 103, The Art of Chunking introduces a powerful learning strategy making it a must-have staple – perfect for use in both private and university studios. 162 pages. Spiral bound.

  • You Can Play Ukulele Today! – James Hill & J. Chalmers Doane

    Play Ukulele Today! covers all the essentials: tuning, a handful of chords, the major scale and half-a-dozen great songs to sing, pick, and strum. Written by the authors of the Ukulele in the Classroom series, this exciting new beginner book is the quickstart guide for everyone!

  • Voxman – Selected Studies for Flute

    Advanced Etudes, Scales and Arpeggios in All Major and All Minor Keys.

  • Vega, Mark – Jazz Solo Series For Flute from medium swing to bebop jazz

    Learn and improve your improvisational abilities. CD Included! A great instructional tool for musicians and music students to learn or improve their improvisational abilities in the jazz – swing idiom. There are 66 examples in the book, starting at a somewhat easy level and gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the book.

  • Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Flute by the Super Groovers

    Featuring: Andrew D. Gordon and Frank Villafranca. Influenced by the modern jazz musicians: David Sanborn Kenny G Hubert Laws Nestor Torres Grover Washington Wilton Felder Kirk Whalum


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Showing 25–36 of 97 results