• Altus Z-Cut .958 Headjoint

    Altus Z-Cut headjoint, .958 Britannia silver

  • Altus Classic .997 Headjoint

    Altus Classic headjoint, .997 Sintered silver

  • Altus Classic 14K Headjoint

    Altus Classic headjoint, 14K gold. Call for pricing.

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  • Altus Classic .958 Headjoint, Seamed

    Altus Classic headjoint, .958 Britannia silver seamed

  • Altus Classic .958 Britannia Silver Headjoint

    Altus classic cut headjoint, .958 Britannia silver

  • MSA 14K Gold Flute Headjoint

    14K gold tube, lip-plate, and crown. Add seamed tube and engraved lip plate at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. Call for pricing.

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