• Haynes Classic Fusion Headjoint

    Haynes classic fusion headjoint

  • Haynes 19.5K Gold Headjoint

    Haynes 19.5K gold headjoint with 14K gold lip, 14K gold riser

  • Haynes 5% Gold Alloy Headjoint

    This Haynes 5% gold headjoint has a silver lip plate and riser.

  • Haynes 10K Gold Headjoint

    Haynes 10K gold headjoint with 14K gold lip, 14K gold riser

  • Hammig Piccolo Cocus Headjoint

    Handmade cocus wood headjoint. Choose Hammig Cut, Modified Wave or Modified Wave Thin.

  • Grenaditte Executor Headjoints

    The Executer Headjointwas designed for the musician who is looking to enhance the tone of their current metal flute in a powerful way. Made of Grenaditte, this is the best choice for the most discerning ears. This is Grenaditte. This is the Future.

  • Grenaditte Executor Headjoint – Engraved

    Grenaditte Executor Headjoints for Modern Metal Flutes – Engraved

  • Sagerman Gold Flute Headjoint

    Sagerman flutes all gold headjoint. Lipplates can be decoratively: -Engraved -Inlaid with gold or silver -Textured for no lip slip -Rose engine turned (Guilloche)

  • Glissando Headjoint

    Designed by Robert Dick, the Glissando Headjoint is a telescoping headjoint with a high performance contemporary cut headjoint sliding inside a carrier tube. Two ‘wings’ extend from the lip plate and comfortably embrace the flutist’s cheeks. Moving the flute to the right slides the headjoint from its ‘home position’ (all the way in) and extends the length of the flute.

  • Gary Schocker Model David Williams Headjoint

    The Gary Schocker Headjoint is a new collaboration with David Williams. This amazing product is currently available in sterling silver with a special silver riser. Platinum on request and may soon be available in 14k gold.

  • Flute Lab Vertical Headjoint

    The Vertical Headjoint allows flutists who thought they would never play the flute again to do so. Simply put the vertical head on your own flute and you have a vertical flute. The flute is supported by the right thumb, using a large thumbrest, and the left hand, using a left hand support. Both were specially designed for this purpose. As you can see, the flute is not held at exactly 90 degrees, but slightly to the right of the player. This is most comfortable to the player and the design of the headjoints takes this into account. Some players prefer a carrying strap. For this, a ring must be added to the bottom of the flute which clamps around the foot joint at one end and has a ring for the hook at the other side. Your purchase comes with the Vertical Flute Support and the Vertical Strap.

  • Flute Lab Swan Headjoint

    The Swan Neck Headjoint is a flute headjoint that has a bend of approximately 40 degrees. It is handmade from sterling silver, with a handcut embouchure. This headjoint turns the strenuous position for playing the flute into a relaxed one. With the Swan Neck Headjoint, you will feel much less stress on your right shoulder, your neck and your left shoulder. Comes with one thumb rest.


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