• Di Zhao Silver-Plated Curved Headjoint

    Di Zhao Silver-Plated Curved Headjoint

  • Altus .946 AL Seamed Tube Headjoint

    Altus .946 AL silver headjoint with seamed tube

  • Altus .925 Sterling Silver Headjoint

    Altus .925 sterling silver headjoint

  • Flautas Heredia Bamboo Headjoint

    Headjoints handcrafted out of bamboo, comes with a case.

  • Muramatsu Headjoints

    Muramatsu headjoints may be purchased with a Muramatsu flute or separately. Engraving starts at $175.

  • Haynes Silver Custom Headjoint

    Haynes silver custom headjoint

  • Haynes Platinum Headjoint

    Haynes platinum headjoint with 14K gold lip, 14K gold riser. Price available upon request.

    Call For Pricing
  • Haynes Fusion Outside Headjoint

    Haynes fusion gold outside with silver wall and 9K lip plate.

  • Haynes Fusion Inside Headjoint

    Haynes fusion gold inside with 14K gold riser and a silver lip plate


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