New Voice Bass Flutes by Guo

New Voice Bass Flutes

In 2009, the Guo Musical Instruments Company began the production of the New Voice Flute, yet a further development in this most original direction in the evolution of flute making. The New Voice Flute’s tube is composed entirely of engineered high polymer plastics resulting in yet an even lighter weight instrument than the Grenaditte Flute. It is much closer in character to the response of Boehm system flutes than the Grenaditte Flute.

Both students and professionals have found this flute surprisingly easy to produce a full, robust sound on, which is ideal for flutists who desire more possibilities and greater freedom than the original Boehm system allows for, yet do not wish to depart too radically from the response of its cylindrical design. While the Grenaditte Flute is only available in its original dark color, which resembles the deep beauty of blackwood, the New Voice Flute is available in a variety of colors due to the flexibility of the ultra-modern material.