• Performance Flute Plug

    Replace your flute’s headjoint cork with this synthetic alternative. Created by technician Bob Ogren, the Performance Flute Plug gives quicker response, clearer tone and more power to your playing. This product will fit any flute because it uses the existing head crown and threaded shaft. The dual O-ring design ensures a proper seal.

  • Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew

    Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew was born out of the reaction to Lip Repair for Cold Sores. When Ken Robinson conceived of Lip Repair, he worked with a team at the US Botanical Safety Laboratories to create a product that not only provided rapid relief of cold sores, but rapidly reduced swelling of the lip tissue while soothing and moisturizing dry and cracked lips. It was so effective at reducing inflammation and moisturizing that musicians who DO NOT get cold sores were buying the product anyway and finding that it helped tremendously!

    So we set about researching how we could deal specifically with what wind musicians really wanted: a product that helps them improve their endurance. And what we found is that reducing inflammation is only part of the solution. In addition to lip swelling and fatigue, the muscles that help create the embouchure also fatigue. And after the physical stress of playing, excessive lactic acid builds up in the muscles which reduces endurance and inhibits recovery.

    And so, working with our expert formulators at USBSL and after weeks of testing under real life performance conditions by a group of professionals led by Walter White, a formula was created that  is truly a game changer!

    Try it for yourself and see!

  • Robinson’s Remedies Lip Repair Enhanced

    Kenny Robinson is a professional trumpet player and lifelong cold sore suffer. He tried every treatment available for his potentially career ending condition. Nothing worked the way I needed it to. After eight years of research Tony developed a formula that treats and prevents cold sores with daily use. He called it Lip Repair.

    But he still wasn’t satisfied. He knew that if he kept working on it with a team of expert formulators they could  make it even better. And they have!

    Lip Repair Enhanced is the only lip balm that is great for your lips yet tough on your cold sores. With five anti-viral ingredients, you can use Lip Repair Enhanced daily to prevent cold sores from forming. And if you get one, you will be amazed at how fast your symptoms simply disappear! Simply apply it every waking hour and don’t use anything else.  It even contains moisturizers that relieve dry, cracked and chapped lips and anti-inflammatories that quickly reduce swelling. 

    So if you get cold sores, relax! Robinson’s Remedies have you covered.

  • ROI Flute Leaf Patch

    These stylish, non-slip hand positioners will add comfort and style to your flute playing.  Just clean your flute and attach the patch. Choose thick or thin patches depending on your own comfort level. Two patches are included in the package, one for the left hand index finger and one for the right hand thumb.

  • Silver Flute Ornament

    This silver flute ornament is the perfect way to decorate your tree! 5.5″

  • Supera Lux Double Bag

    This stylish yet practical bag holds a clarinet and flute or flutes and piccolo with a ‘firm hold draw string’ and discrete padding. It also has a zip pocket for music and hidden internal compartments to store all of your accessories. The bag gives a choice between the shoulder strap and tuck away backpack straps for comfortable use. Internal dimensions: 18″ x 9.5″ x 3″

  • Valentino Bass Flute Peg

    The Valentino Instrument Stand line features two sizes of bases, and pegs to fit piccolos, flutes (including alto and bass), and clarinets, with interchangeable pegs that can be arranged according to your needs. This bass flute peg is 12″ tall and the diameter measures 25.4mm.

  • Valentino Flute and Piccolo Peg

    Valentino Instrument Stands feature two sizes of bases and pegs to fit piccolos, flutes (including alto and bass), and clarinets, with interchangeable pegs that can be arranged according to your needs. This combination flute and piccolo peg has a base for flute, and an included piccolo attachment that holds the piccolo at the same height as your flute. The flute peg diameter measures 15.3mm and the piccolo diameter measures 6.3mm.

  • Wiseman Traditional Flute Cases

    Traditional wooden flute case that will house either B-foot or C-foot flutes. The inside has been re-designed completely to remove any pressure on keywork, and to provide shock-absorbing suspension for each joint in all directions. Velvet-covered shock-absorbing rubber blocks have replaced all traditional wooden blocking, and the joints are no longer allowed to directly touch the floor and ends of the case. The joints are held so firmly, that the joints still hold firm if the case is accidentally opened up-side-down.

    This case will fit all brands and sizes of flute. It will provide superb protection for your instrument and is an ideal way of providing this superb protection that a Wiseman case offers if our well-established tubular cases are not your preferred shape.

    Available in Leather or Carbon-fibre effect finish.

    Sale! $375.00 $299.00
  • Superslick Oil

    Superslick 1.25 oz Bore Oil – CRC in 1.25 oz natural oval HDPE bottle w/dropper tip.

  • Alisyn Bore Oil

    The Alisyn Bore Oil is the best bore conditioner available on the market today. Although this premium product is more expensive than other bore oils, it offers performance characteristics and lasts many times longer than conventional products.

  • Beaumont Flute Cases

    Beaumont’s beautifully handmade colorful flute cases come in an exciting array of stylish colours and varieties. These lightweight canvas ‘Spots and Dots’ range have been designed to fit any standard flute (in C) and offer plenty of padding to keep your instrument safe.

    Here’s what makes Beaumont unique cases special:

    1. Extra-strong zippers with smooth action and thickened teeth to ensure a longer life.
    2. The carry handle is padded and reinforced for strength and comfort
    3. The strap hooks are sewn into the body of the case to prevent weakening of attachments
    4. The inside of the flute case is fully padded to protect the key work during transport
    5. The shoulder strap is adjustable to suit all ages and sizes
    6. Each case comes complete with a Beaumont name and address tag so your flute can be brought back to you
    7. The front zip pocket is large enough to store your cleaning rod and cloths

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