• Bernhard Hammig Various Gold Crowns

    Other gold crowns in various carats available upon request. Please call for pricing and availability.

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  • Aria Solo Stand Light

    Put your music in the best light with the Aria Solo stand light. Perfect for gigging, orchestras, bands, or chamber music, the plug-in Aria Solo delivers bright, consistent light across a full sized part. A cord switch lets you quietly turn the light off after a gig. Includes a 120-240V power supply, a 9 ft. (3m) power cord, and a one-year warranty. 2 watts. Model S1.

  • Aria LED Stad Light Soft Carrying Bag

    Made from backpack-grade polyester, this durable water-resistant bag holds your Aria stand light, a power adapter, a power cord extender, and an inline dimmer. Two zippers provide easy access when you arrive at your destination, and the handle allows you to carry it conveniently in the same hand as your instrument. Fits all Aria lights. Model B1.

  • Aria Stand Light Inline Dimmer

    Dim your Aria Light in situations where you don’t need as much light, such as orchestra pits, theaters, etc. This low voltage dimmer connects between the power supply and your Aria Diva or Aria Solo and provides a full range of dimming. Model I1.


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