• Flute and Piccolo Lamps

    Unique! One-of-a-kind! These flute and piccolo lamps are hand-crafted by a local flutist and artist. Each lamp is made to order so small details will change from order to order. The flute is silver-plated so it should not tarnish. The lamps have a standard plug with a switch on the cord. Comes with a replaceable 25W 120 Volt torpedo light bulb. Other instruments available by special order. Just contact our office.

  • Aria Brio Stand Light

    Play music anywhere and anytime with the Aria Brio rechargeable music stand light. Perfect for gigging indoors or out, stages, pits, or chamber music, the Aria Brio delivers bright, consistent light across a full-sized part. A full-range dimmer lets you match the light level to the environment and conserve battery power. Brio maintains constant brightness right to the end of the charge. An LED blinks to indicate how much charge is left and provide low battery warnings. Brio can also be used on wall power up to 12 feet from an outlet. The included high-power NiMH battery is replaceable. Also includes a 120-240V power supply with a six-foot (2m) power cord and a six-foot (2m) extension cord.

  • Aria Diva Stand Light

    Our most popular model. Twice as bright as the Aria Solo, the Aria Diva is designed for people who need a little extra light. Ideal for aging eyes, the plug-in Aria Diva delivers the brightest, most consistent light of any stand light available today. Includes a 120-240V power supply, a 9 ft. (3m) power cord with cord switch, and a one-year warranty. 4 watts. Model D1.

  • Aria Power Cord Extender

    Extend your power cord another six feet, for a total of 15 feet, to reach those distant outlets. (Extending the power cord beyond 15 feet is not recommended.) Model E1.

  • Altieri Flute Cozy

    Insulated covers keep woodwinds warm, cozy and clean while they rest on their stands; they work especially great in air conditioned pits and damp studios. Cozies are another “miracle” created by our 4-layer insulation system. Protect your instrument from dust and the elements!

  • Raffaele Trevisani Teaching Videos (DVD)

    These videos were recorded in March 2007 and they have subtitles in English, Spanish and Japanese. Over four hours of video explaining the basics of flute playing and offering a guide to Marcel Moyse’s famous book De La Sonorite. For a preview, visit: http://youtu.be/rIeMGQDLmoc


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