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Flute Crown

Flute Specialists Inc. has one of the nation’s largest flute, piccolo, and headjoint inventories to fit every musician’s needs. Each instrument receives our pre-purchase service to ensure performance-ready playability.


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  • Performance Flute Plug

    Replace your flute’s headjoint cork with this synthetic alternative. Created by technician Bob Ogren, the Performance Flute Plug gives quicker response, clearer tone and more power to your playing. This product will fit any flute because it uses the existing head crown and threaded shaft. The dual O-ring design ensures a proper seal.

  • Nylon Assembly for Jeweled Crowns

    This high-tech assembly is made of nylon with O rings and comes with matching thread to be used with jeweled flute crowns. Free shipping via Priority Mail.

  • Cork Assembly

    This cork assembly comes with matching thread to be used with Jeweled Flute Crowns. Free shipping via Priority Mail.

  • Bernhard Hammig Stopper

    This gold stopper is handmade and, for most players, offers a deepening of existing colors of the flute.

  • Bernhard Hammig Magic Crown with Stopper

    The same innovative Magic Crown with a handmade gold stopper.

  • Bernhard Hammig Magic Crown

    There has not been a new product like this in the market for flute in over thirty years that will do so much for flutes: quicken response while making the whole instrument more colorful and alive.

  • Bernhard Hammig Various Gold Crowns

    Other gold crowns in various carats available upon request. Please call for pricing and availability.

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Showing all 9 results