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DVDs and CDs

Flute Specialists Inc. has one of the nation’s largest flute, piccolo, and headjoint inventories to fit every musician’s needs. Each instrument receives our pre-purchase service to ensure performance-ready playability.


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  • Dick, Robert – Thinking Creatively, A Breath of Fresh Air (DVD)

    On this video, Robert Dick speaks about the creative process and how you can identify and work with inspiration. He preforms his “Piece in Gamelan Style” and other examples from his music and shows how he brought the music from the original “flash” to finished work. Not for musicians only!  This DVD is intended for everyone who wishes to develop creativity in art or business.

  • Fish Are Jumping Instructional DVD

    Instructional DVD for Fish Are Jumping. On this video, Robert Dick plays and teaches Fish Are Jumping. He explains the blues scale and the 12 bar blues structure, and demonstrates how they work together. He teaches the techniques found in this piece — slides, bends, multiphonics — and delves into the rhythmic feel and phrasing. Then, taking the music chorus by chorus, Robert reveals the musical essence and how to learn it, step by step, including how to create and develop the short improvised cadenza. Fish Are Jumping is the perfect intro to the blues for the flutist yearning to play the music that surrounds us in our culture. Robert is a thorough, caring and very funny teacher. 82 minutes

  • Porter, Amy – Ballade (CD)

    Works by Phillipe Gaubert include: Sonate in A, Deuxieme Sonate, Ballade, Troisieme Sonate, and Sonatine quasi Fantasia. Amy Porter-Flute, Tim Carey-Piano

  • Porter, Amy – The Gaubert Cycle (2 DVD Set)

    The Gaubert Cycle: A Study Guide with Amy Porter (2018) is a 16 video DVD study guide by flutist Amy Porter featuring Tim Carey on piano and historical commentary by Penelope Fischer. This collection contains full recordings of all 16 of Philippe Gaubert’s works for flute and piano. Every piece Gaubert wrote has a dedication to a friend. For each piece you will see a picture of the dedicatees, discussion about the piece, Penelope Fischer explaining the form, and then Amy Porter performing it with Tim Carey in Hill Auditorium with two cameras. A wonderful celebration of the works of Gaubert for flute all in one place!

  • How to Play the Flute in the Traditional Irish Style (VHS)

    How to Play the Flute in the Traditional Irish Style with Mickie Zekley- A Lark in the Morning Instructional Video.

  • Lark in the Morning (DVD)

    A World of Music since 1974. Instruction on how to hold the flute embouchure and breathing technique (the secret of Irish flute tone). Mickie Zekley (the founder of Lark in the Morning) demystifies ornamentation including taps, cuts, rolls, multiple rolls, slides, triplets, finger vibrato, and diaphragm pulsing. Also included are examples of tunes in different rhythms including the jig, slip jig, reel, hornpipe, polka and air. Most of the techniques taught can also be applied to the pennywhistle and modern flute.

  • Porter, Amy – Anatomy of Sound a workshop with Amy Porter (DVD)

    With Laura Dwyer featuring Freda Herseth, mezzo-soprano. This comprehensive 2 disc study guide is appropriate for all musicians to use as a teaching tool for instrumental sound production. International soloist and recording artist Amy Porter combines her research with performance and pedagogy and brings her workshop into your practice room, helping you to find your most beautiful sound.

  • Rene, Althea – No Restrictions (CD)

    Althea Rene is a genuine diva of Nu Jazz, R & B, and Smooth Soul: a tenacious monarch with lips, lungs and fingers of gold. Every concert goer will be “rocked” by all the songs performed by this artist. So, let it be known far and wide, that if you haven’t visited the kingdom of jazz flautist, Althea Rene, you really must partake in the panoply of her “flava” filled abilities. Music fans celebrate this serene Cinderella’s musical skills. This classy lady has extreme TALENT, with personal beauty and style as a sideboard delight that oozes with charismatic appeal in “live” performance. Her performance sets a sensual stage for every song, because her gentle delivery of her soulful tunes makes people want to snuggle up close with someone special and blows them out the water as softly as she blows her magical flute.

  • Rene, Althea – Live in Detroit (CD)

    Arguably the strongest performance ever displayed by a soul-jazz flutist in recent history. Her Detroit-based band delivered the unparalleled funk that made this concert a scorching hot tour de force.

  • Rene, Althea – In the Moment (CD)

    With this project is Ms. Rene delivers her special brand of urban soul-jazz with an R&B twist. IN THE MOMENT had spins on more than 100 radio stations nationwide and ranked in the top 50 of both the SmoothJazz chart and the R&R Indicator chart.

  • Rene, Althea – In The Flow (CD)

    1. La Solstice 2. Sunday Cruise 3. Used to Love You 4. Flutations 5. Free 6. Fm 1960 7. Snoochi Pooch 8. In The Flow 9. H-Town-Step 10. Song for Wilhelmina

  • Porter, Amy – The ABC’s of Flute For the Absolute Beginner (DVD)

    The ABCs of Flute for the Absolute Beginner DVD features Amy Porter, professor of flute at the University of Michigan. This is a flute-training DVD for young students, beginning adults, new teachers and parents wishing to help their children practice at home and receive a solid foundation. This DVD will take you through all of the steps necessary to learn an instrument for the very first time. There is an abundance of important information about how to put your instrument together, how to hold your instrument, how to get your very first sounds, how to play your very first song and then it will lead you into playing many more songs before this video is completed. The DVD is a powerful supplement for any course of study or method for playing the flute. An indispensable self-learning tool for anyone interested in beginning flute playing!


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Showing 1–12 of 21 results