NFA 2022 Premiere – Piccs on the Peaks!

NFA 2022 Premiere – Piccs on the Peaks!

In preparing for the 2022 NFA Exhibitor Showcase “The Highs and Lows of Harmony Flutes”, Heather Neuenschwander from Flute Specialists contacted composer Carmen Marulanda to see if she would accept a commission to write a duet for piccolo and G treble flute. Carmen had not worked with a G treble flute before so they scheduled a meeting and shared videos demonstrating the instrument. Immediately Carmen, a Colombian composer and flautist who writes music based in the rich traditions and musical roots of her native country, began to invision a milonga.

In writing Piccs on the Peaks, Carmen Marulanda begins with a playful allegro section which is quite cheerful and catchy. The piece then transitions to a cumbia which utilizes the smoky low register of the flute to match the unique sound of the treble flute for a contrasting middle section. Trills and percussive articulations add to this communicative section which envisions a gathering of people. Piccs on the Peaks then returns to the opening motif to end with a happy, upbeat finish.

This piece will be premiered on Friday August 12 at 1:30 at the National Flute Association Convention in Chicago with Heather Neuenschwander playing G treble flute and Tatiana Cassetta playing piccolo. It will be available for purchase at Flute Specialists booth 300, including an insert for the G treble part transposed to piccolo, making it a duet for two piccolos.

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