Frequently asked questions about our consignment program.

All instruments are worthy of consideration for consignment sale. Selling your instrument through Flute Specialists has many advantages over selling it on your own. All instruments go through our standard pre-sale servicing and this is part of the package at no cost to you the seller (unless you request the instrument is returned to you before it is sold). This means that if you have an instrument that you're concerned isn't in good shape to sell, you don't have to worry about fixing it up on your own. Just fill out the consignment form, send the instrument to us and we will do the rest! After servicing, we will begin to show your instrument to the thousands of flutists we are in contact with across the country both in our store and at the many events we attend throughout the year. It will also appear on our website and there's a possibility it could be highlighted on our social media accounts as well. When considering the pre-sale servicing, the Flute Specialists warranty on purchases and the national reach provided by a nationally known repair and sales company, why sell your instrument in any other way!

Many old instruments have sentimental value. So you may decide you want to keep your old flute to use as a backup, for travel or as a marching instrument. We may be able to help you by selling your instrument on consignment or taking your flute as a trade-in. Contact us for more information.